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Order Custom Pottery

Please fill out the form below if you have some idea of what type of piece you would like. If you simply have questions, please address them directly to Alif. In both cases, please allow a few days for a reply.

You may refer to the gallery to see some examples of the work, or to see what types of bowl, plate, or vase forms which are available

First Name Last Name

City State Zip Code
Home Phone Work Phone E-mail Address
Type of Piece Desired Dimesion(s)
Please note any other specifics about the form of the pottery
(including type of vase/frame, number of tiles, or numbers of pieces in a dinner set.
What colors do you prefer to be included in the design? (check all that apply)
Dark Blue
Light Blue
Dark Red
Dark Green
Light Green
Please make any other specifcations as to the design itself
(i.e. should it include animal forms, floral forms, etc?)

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